GameStop PowerPass Canceled Indefinitely
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Remember that old adage, "If it looks too good to be true, it probably is?" Time and time again, I try to tell myself that something will come along that negates it, but I continue to be disappointed. Most recently suffering from the saying is the GameStop Power Pass. This was the unlimited rental service that would allow members to borrow an unlimited amount of used games from GameStop locations for six months. At the end of those six months, they would be able to keep the last game they checked out. As it turns out, it was apparently way too good to be true.

Not only has GameStop put a pause on their Power Pass program, they have also canceled it for the first and only members. Anyone who has already purchased the GameStop Power Pass will not be allowed to use the service for the six months they pre-paid for. They can bring the first game they rented back and get a refund, but not being allowed to enjoy the service they were excited about is awful. GameStop's attempt at handing out an olive branch is allowing short-lived PowerPass members to take a pre-owned game home for free.

The rumors are rolling out already on why in the world GameStop introduced such an awesome service, only to sweep the rug out from potential customers' feet. The only official word is that Power Pass had to be temporarily paused because of “a few program limitations.”

A large part of me thinks that GameStop didn't realize how many people would take advantage of the service and find themselves potentially losing money. I wouldn't be surprised if PowerPass comes back in a few months at a much higher price point. GameStop employees are theorizing that the computer systems within the stores weren't able to conform to the program.

Whatever the reason, it's an unfortunate delay that will hopefully be rectified in the future, but there's no official word from GameStop quite yet.

Source: Kotaku

April Marie
April Marie

Contributing Writer
Date: 11/14/2017

11/14/2017 05:55PM


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