Total Star Wars: Battlefront II Unlock Costs Tallied
Star Wars Battlefront II

As people are digging more into Star Wars: Battlefront II, now that the game is in everyone’s hands, the fires of microtransaction anger are only being fueled more. While EA did reduce the costs for heroes, which initially caused a huge outcry, players got together and calculated the total time or money needed to get everything. And even with the changes, it ain’t pretty.

Here are the numbers, based on calculations from the SWTOR Strategies website (currently under traffic duress, so we’re citing a breakdown at ResetEra which also contains the original source). First, there are 324 cards in total, meaning the Star Cards used for different character and class abilities. Upgrading the cards all the way costs 155,520 crafting parts, which come from various sources. The number-cruncher suggests 3,111 total loot crates are needed, and getting that many (based on match earnings) requires roughly 4,528 hours of gameplay.

Breaking things down further, he went into real money costs as an alternative. It’s calculated that the credits you get from a hero crate (600) is about 27% of the cost of the crate. That equates to 30 crystals. To take that into consideration hero crates were counted as 80 crystals. A pack of 12,000 crystals costs $100, and getting 3,111 loot crates costs 248,880 crystals. Using that $100 pack, the grand total comes to $2,100. This is before all the content added from DLC, which may also need to be unlocked.

Source: ResetEra 

Lucas White
Lucas White

Writing Team Lead
Date: 11/15/2017

11/15/2017 07:10PM


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