New Character Released with ARMS Update

Nintendo has updated its original fighting game ARMS yet again, this time bringing the game version up to a whopping 4.0. With this update comes a brand new character and set of ARMS weapons. It also introduces a new community event to the game, not unlike the Splatfests seen in Splatoon 2.

The new fighter’s name is Misango, who appears to be based on South American mythology to some extent. He’s paired with a “mysterious entity” that grants him special abilities, and of course he comes with a set of three new ARMS. His default set looks like a pair of robotic scorpions, which seem to move more quickly and have more movement options than normal. He also has two other sets that have less obvious properties, but do introduce what looks like a poison status.

As a match goes on, the “mysterious entity” character changes colors. Blocking makes the character summon a pillar of sorts, that can stop punches. Touching those pillars grants Misango a temporary power-up, depending on the color. One makes him jump further, one gives him super armor and the other boosts his damage.

The new mode is called Party Crash, which will launch on November 22. This mode will feature two characters, and choosing those characters during online play will earn players extra points and add to an overall tally. The winner, of course, will be announced at the end. The first event is between, predictably, Spring Man and Ribbon Girl.

Source: Kotaku

Lucas White
Lucas White

Writing Team Lead
Date: 11/16/2017

11/16/2017 02:05PM


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