Xbox One X Sets Record for Low Hardware Sales in Japan
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It’s no secret that the Xbox brand just isn’t very popular in Japan. Earlier this year, there were reports of electronics stores trying to get rid of their already limited Xbox One S stock by marketing devices as Ultra HD Blu Ray Players (a smart move, honestly). Now that the Xbox One X, a more powerful and expensive version has released, things went about as well as you’d expect, if not worse.

A post on Reddit reveals that the Xbox One X has actually broken a record for low sales of new gaming hardware during the first week of its launch. Based on the weekly Media Create numbers, the Xbox One X sold a whopping 1,344 units in its first week at retail. For comparison’s sake, the PlayStation 4 Pro sold around 65,000 and the Switch sold 330,000 in their respective opening weeks.

This doesn’t spell doom and gloom for Microsoft at all, but it is fascinating to see just how much of a non-presence Xbox continues to be over there. This is especially true after publishers like NIS have gone on record to say Microsoft has made things historically difficult for Japanese publishers to support that ecosystem.

The discussion in the Reddit post also brings interesting data to the table, such as American residents living in Japan through things like the US Military. Xbox being a more western-friendly brand would lead to more sales there, one would think, but it was pointed out that Military bases often have store where residents can purchase North American Xboxes and the like instead of having to deal with Japanese hardware and software.

Source: Reddit 

Lucas White
Lucas White

Writing Team Lead
Date: 11/16/2017

11/16/2017 07:25PM


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