Need For Speed: Payback Makes Changes for Fans
Need for Speed Payback

It would seem that other games are taking note of the progression woes that Star Wars: Battlefront II is suffering from. Another recent game that had some negative reviews due to its progression system was Need For Speed: Payback. Players were stating that everything took too long to earn in the game. Supposedly, events paid out rewards so low that players had to grind through experiences they had already finished in order to move forward. Developer Ghost Games has heard what the fans have had to say and have already made positive changes and plan to make more.

Current upgrades have ranged from changing spawn times for Tune-Up shops, to increasing rewards in general. Before, new parts would arrive to the Tune-Up shops every 30 minutes, now players will see them appear every 10 minutes. Parts are also awarded faster through Ranked Speedlists than before.  

But perhaps the most exciting changes for those who didn't like the old progression system, are the changes to rewards. When you take part in events, you'll get more REP and Bank than before. You'll get even more Bank and REP when you battle against a Roaming Racer. These are the NPCs that you can find throughout the open-world map in the game. Bait crates will also give out more REP/Bank than before. You will also see a small increase to REP and Bank rewards if you finish an event without getting first place. The last and final recent change is an increased appearance of Air Suspension in Shipments.

Hopefully all of these changes will collide for a better user experience within Need For Speed: Payback. Ghost Games said through a post on the Need For Speed subreddit that current users should restart the game in order to see the changes. We will most likely hear soon from Ghost Games again to learn what the next changes to Need For Speed: Payback will be.

Sources: Need For Speed Subreddit 

April Marie
April Marie

Contributing Writer
Date: 11/21/2017

11/21/2017 11:50AM


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