Star Wars: Battlefront II Woes Spark Petition
Star Wars Battlefront II

It goes without saying that everyone probably understands why Electronic Arts has been in the news so much lately. Fans of Star Wars, and simply fans of video games, have been outraged at the corporate practices of EA. They are the name behind the current Star Wars game, Star Wars: Battlefront II, that was set to revitalize the series for fans everywhere. A vast number of indiscretions have let to a petition being created against EA. The intention of it is to petition Lucasfilm to revoke EA's license to Star Wars. The petition's signature goal was 25,000 and it has reached that (and pushed past) in a mere two weeks.

So what led to this? Well, it all started with the reveal of a pay-to-win system that was first noticed during the game's early access period, and also (to a degree) during reviewers' time with the game. This led to a lot of public outcry, including a Reddit post from EA which has become the most downvoted in Reddit history. EA also hosted a Reddit AMA which did practically nothing to assuage fan fears. Eventually loot crates and other microtransactions were completely removed by EA from Star Wars: Battlefront II, but it was done with the caveat that they would return in the future.

All of this combined leads to a pretty massive public hatred of EA at the moment, and one person struck while the kettle was hot. John Hunt is the creator of the “Lucasfilm: Revoke EA's Star Wars License” petition on and cites many of the above EA moves as the reason for the request. He has other varying examples of why Lucasfilm should revoke EA's license, including the Star Wars: Battlefront game from 2015, the closure of Visceral Games, and the cancellation of their single-player focused Star Wars game.

At the time of this writing, the petition stood at 25,800 signatures, which will most likely rise in the coming hours. Are you going to be signing the petition?

Source: via Game Rant

April Marie
April Marie

Contributing Writer
Date: 11/27/2017

11/27/2017 05:10PM


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