Bungie Alters Destiny 2 XP Systems
Destiny 2

During the Clarion Call event in Destiny 2, players discovered some strange behavior in the way the game delivers XP, namely that a background scaling function was limiting the amount of XP players were giving, while the game showed numbers that did not match what they were actually earning. XP of course is tied to Destiny 2’s loot box-like system (Bright Engrams), and now is not the time for any game to have a loot box issue. Bungie has since made adjustments, mostly in the interest of transparency.

In a post, Bungie noted that Destiny 2 activities with longer durations (raids, Crucible, etc) were designed to scale XP up, while the shorter commitments such as Public Events were scaled down. This was due to the ability to chain these parts of the game together. Bungie has outright deactivated this scaling system, stating neither it or the community has been happy with that system.

So now, the XP rates will be visibly changing across the entire game, and the in-game display will match what players actually receive. Bungie will be monitoring how these new numbers shake out, and promises to communicate any further changes.

Source: Bungie 

Lucas White
Lucas White

Writing Team Lead
Date: 11/27/2017

11/27/2017 05:25PM


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