UFC 3 Beta Reveals More Pay to Win Loot Boxes
EA Sports UFC 3

It appears that early beta invites have been released to some degree for EA’s upcoming UFC 3. It also appears that not only is the game another example of a large, loot-based real money economy, but about as “pay to win” as it can get. The loot boxes contain literal stat upgrades and abilities that, according to reports, run the risk of rendering competitive play pointless for those without deep pockets.

This story emerges from a report from Astute Gaming, that lays out the matter in graphic detail. The article even goes as far to paint UFC 3 as “the most absurd and disgraceful implementation” of loot boxes in gaming history. And this is following the massively controversial Star Wars: Battlefront II, also from EA. So that’s something.

The article claims that even the basic, fundamental moves (striking, grappling, submissions) in UFC 3 are all linked to the loot box system. Techniques, abilities, fighters, and stats can all be obtained from loot boxes, and immediately impact the balance of online competition. A particularly illuminating example given is that a box can drop a five-star “jab,” making the most basic of punches an immediate game-altering factor.

This is, of course, a beta test, and who knows what adjustments might be made ahead of the game’s February release. This story will only get bigger as more hands get on the game, and in the current climate, tolerance for these systems will likely shrink more and more.

Source: Astute Gaming

Lucas White
Lucas White

Writing Team Lead
Date: 11/30/2017

11/30/2017 06:00PM


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