Flowers Bloom in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp
Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp's updates seem to be rolling out pretty regularly, much to fans' delight. The most recent one was scheduled for January 2018, but is already out now. This update gives players the ability to manage their own flower garden. It takes up a brand new space that has been added to the left of player's original campgrounds. There they'll meet Lloid, a character that Animal Crossing fans will recognize.

He helps everyone new to the gardens go through a tutorial and learn manage their plants. It's there that you'll learn how to plant, cross-pollinate, harvest, and trade your floral babies. The flowers themselves take three hours to grow. It is possible to make this time shorter by giving the flowers food or by using Leaf Tickets. Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp's flower update also allows players to go to their friends' gardens and water their flowers for a little bonus prize. Once your beautiful plants have reached their most fragrant state, you can harvest them and trade them to Lloid for items like clothing, furniture, and potted plants. The latter two can be placed in your campground or your camper. 

Once you've done so, you can also use the new screenshot and share feature that Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp added in this update. Instead of simply taking a picture, you can now immediately share those directly to Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram from within the game.

Hopefully this is a sign of consistent updates for Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp. I'm still waiting on the ability to craft clothing!

Source: Game Rant

April Marie
April Marie

Contributing Writer
Date: 12/19/2017

12/19/2017 06:35PM


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