Japan Selling a Switch Harness
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So long as there have been video games and consoles, there have been companies making extra things to go with them. Most recently, there's apparently a company in Japan making a peripheral for Switch users who like to play on the go. This isn't the lazy, fan-created Switch visor, but rather what I can only describe as a Switch harness.

This crazy concoction is made of stiff tubing that loops around the user's neck and ends with a mount for your Nintendo Switch. What looks like a pool noodle cushions the user's neck for comfort. There's just enough space between the person playing and the Switch in the mount to hold up a controller or Joy-Cons.  

There's no indication as to how much this contraption is selling for and whether or not it's going to be officially available outside Japan. (<y Spidey-senses are telling me, “No”) I'm sure that something like this probably already is, or soon will be, available on Amazon from a different, yet surprisingly similar company.

Would you be willing to loop this around your neck to play your Switch? What would be your biggest reason for doing so?

Source: Jake Kazdal

April Marie
April Marie

Contributing Writer
Date: 01/02/2018

01/02/2018 04:55PM


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