Man Loses Switch, Reddit Helps Find It
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The New Year seems to have started with some collective Internet good will. Thanks to the massive scale and dedicated userbase (for better and worse in some cases) of Reddit, a man who nearly had a tragic holiday vacation ended up being saved by complete strangers.

Reddit user Pizzaboxmonster was traveling at the Frankfurt airport, taking a bus between gates. He boarded his plane to Madrid, not realizing his Nintendo Switch quietly slid out of his bag (those things can be pretty slippery). He then had to sit on a multi-hour flight with nothing but the sinking feeling of financial loss.

Taking a chance, Pizzaboxmonster took to Reddit with his sad story, and something crazy happened. Someone replied with a link to another Reddit thread made by someone who happened to find a Switch at the Frankfurt airport. After some intense quizzing to make sure the story was legit, the two users agreed to meet for what may be the coolest way to kick off a new year in gaming for a while.

Source: Game Revolution

Lucas White
Lucas White

Writing Team Lead
Date: 01/02/2018

01/02/2018 06:35PM


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