Monster Hunter: World Coming to PC Fall 2018
Monster Hunter: World

On the official Monster Hunter Twitter account, Monster Hunter: World producer Ryozo Tsujimoto posted a video with some news about the game’s PC port. The game is currently in development and being optimized for PC. Currently, while the console versions for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One are slated for this month on January 26, 2018, the PC version is targeted for an Autumn 2018 release window.

Tsujimoto thanked the fans for participating in the recent, PS4-exclusive beta tests. He also stated Capcom has plans to continue supporting Monster Hunter: World, with free content updates following its launch. Details are obviously scant, but Tsujimoto did say those updates will include new monsters.

While Monster: Hunter: World is coming to both consoles, the PlayStation 4 version does appear to have priority, with the previous beta tests, along with some exclusive DLC based on Horizon: Zero Dawn. While the PS4 version has had two different beta tests, there have been no announcements of similar events for the other versions.

Source: Twitter 

Lucas White
Lucas White

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Date: 01/03/2018

01/03/2018 06:15PM


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