StarCraft's Blaze Comes to Heroes of the Storm
Heroes of the Storm

To kick off the new year, Blizzard has launched a new patch in the “Public Test Realm” for its MOBA-style game, Heroes of the Storm. Among other features, the key component to this patch is the introduction of a new hero, Cpl. Miles “Blaze” Lewis from the StarCraft series.

Blaze’s Trait is Pyromania, which gives Blaze 25 armor and does 40 damage to enemies within range every half a second, for a duration of four seconds. When Blaze lands a hit with his Flame Stream, the cooldown for Pyromania is reduced by five seconds.

Blaze has three Basic Abilities: Flame Stream (Q), Oil Spill (W), and Jet Propulsion (E). Flame Stream shoots two streams and deals 83 damage on contact. It can also set Oil Spills on dire. Oil Spill stays on the ground for about five seconds and slows anyone down who touches it. If on fire, the slow effect vanishes but it deals damage and can also heal Blaze. Jet Propulsion is a charge move that does damage to the first hero it comes into contact with, while stunning any others.

The two Heroic Abilities for Blaze are Bunker Drop (R) and Combustion (R). The former summons a bunker with 1300 health other players can enter, and while inside gain access to a Flamethrower. Combustion is a Channel ability that gains power the longer Blaze Channels.

Source: Blizzard

Lucas White
Lucas White

Writing Team Lead
Date: 01/04/2018

01/04/2018 06:00PM


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