Monster Hunter Fans Start “Adopt-A-Hunter” Program
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Monster Hunter: World is coming out soon, and the general populace of the fanbase is expecting a population boom. While Monster Hunter started on consoles so many years ago, the series has been fairly exclusive to handhelds for a long time (with a couple exceptions). World is arguably the big console re-debut for the series and is being given a push as such by Capcom and console publishers. Fans really want this to do well, and understand that means new players jumping into a difficult to approach game. So, they’ve started an unofficial mentoring program of sorts.

The name of the group is called Adopt-A-Hunter and will see veteran Monster Hunter fans “adopting” new players in an effort to mentor them, pass on their knowledge, and make sure everyone is having the best possible time despite the intimidating barrier of entry. These veteran fans are seeing this new, AAA version of Monster Hunter as an opportunity to be more inclusive and bring new and younger new fans into the fold in order to continue the upward momentum for the series.

Adopt-A-Hunter has its own website and is currently accepting sign-ups for veterans and novices. A few days before Monster Hunter: World launches, players will receive their assignments, with a Discord server being the hub for notifications and pairings.

Source: Adopt-A-Hunter

Lucas White
Lucas White

Writing Team Lead
Date: 01/09/2018

01/09/2018 06:30PM


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