PUBG Corp Takes a Serious Anti-Cheat Stance
PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds has been officially released for PC users for a good amount of time now. Perhaps the largest continuing problem for the game however is cheaters. It seems like every time PUBG Corp finds and fixes an exploit, there's another taking its place. Most recently, there was one cheat that the company found to have been used over 100,000 times. PUBG Corp plans to ban all the players who used this cheat at the same time. It could be considered a harsh sentence, but the company is clearly taking cheating seriously.

In line with the idea that they aren't taking any crap from cheaters, PUBG Corp has stated that they are committed to continued and future cheat detection. To find the previously mentioned 100,000 cheat instances, the developer utilized data logs. They have said that they will continue to find cheaters, even if the anti-cheat team has to go through the logs by hand. There is yet another cheat detection system that PUBG Corp is looking into adopting to help curb cheating though. They have even partnered with some governments to bring the law down on cheat developers and distributors.

While the PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds developers come up with even more ways on their end to detect and handle cheats/exploits, the players can still report others. It's important to remember that not everything is possibly cheating, though. The best example of this is a recent bug that caused players to think others were cheating. Deathcam, replay, and other observing systems in the game were seemingly showing players who were cheating by not experiencing recoil on their weapons. As it turns out, the cameras were simply showing no recoil on everyone. PUBG Corp is going to release a fix for that bug very soon, but they have apologized for the confusion this may have caused.

Source: PUBG Steam Community

April Marie
April Marie

Contributing Writer
Date: 01/19/2018

01/19/2018 05:55PM


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