EVE Online Players Raise $119k for Fallen Developer
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The gaming community has proven time and time again that when banded together, they can do great things. The most recent example of this has come via a fundraiser held by Crowd Control Productions, the creators of EVE Online. The Audio & Graphics Team Senior Software Engineers CCP Blaze passed away very suddenly. The team at CCP banded together quickly to create the “Blaze” Squadron SKIN set. This was of course named in honor of the engineer. Any and all of the proceeds from the sales of the Blaze Squadron SKIN set was set to be given to the deceased's fiance and their one year old daughter.

The results of that fundraiser are now in, and CCP is reeling from the massive amount of support they received. The sales of the Blaze Squadron SKIN set happened between December 12 and 19, 2017. During that time, 3,730,320 PLEX was acquired. This translates to $119,828.50, or 620 years of EVE Online game time. All of this money will be going directly to Blaze's fiancee and daughter. CCP released a very heartfelt blog post on their website thanking all the EVE Online fans who participated in the fundraiser.

As it turns out, all the money that was gathered together to help their friend and coworker's family marks the second largest fundraiser ever held by CCP. PLEX for GOOD has been hosted by CCP on many occasions, and there was only one of those fundraisers that made more money than this Blaze initiative. What makes that even more impressive is that this event only lasted seven days.

If you'd like to give the CCP blog post a read, you can find it below.

Source: EVE Online Community

April Marie
April Marie

Contributing Writer
Date: 01/22/2018

01/22/2018 06:05PM


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