Crystal Dynamics Hire Industry Veterans for Avengers
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As we all know, Crystal Dynamics, best known for the last two Tomb Raider games, has been tapped by Square Enix to work on a new, AAA game based on Marvel’s Avengers. As “The Avengers Project” ramps up, Crystal Dynamics has announced a wave of new hires, of people with a long history in the industry with renowned developers.

15 people have been hired, who have several years of experience and have come from companies such as Visceral, Naughty Dog, Monolith, and Sledgehammer Games to name a few. A press release from Crystal Dynamics points out two names in particular, Creative Director Shaun Escayg and Director of Production Stephen Barry.

Escayg comes from Naughty Dog, where he was Creative Director and writer on Uncharted: The Lost Legacy. He was also involved with The Last of Us, and previously worked at Industrial Light and Magic as well. Barry had a 27-year history at EA, and Crystal Dynamics specifically points out Dead Space.

The press release also name drops popular games like Batman: Arkham Origins (the good one, natch) and Star Wars: Battlefront as games some of its new hires have worked on in the past.

Source: Press Release

Lucas White
Lucas White

Writing Team Lead
Date: 01/24/2018

01/24/2018 06:25PM


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