Monster Hunter Costumes Coming to Street Fighter V
Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition

Monster Hunter: World is going to release soon, so it should be no surprise that other games are doing a crossover with it. The one in question here is Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition! As it turns out, the game's Extra Battle Mode will award players special costumes each month and include some crossover ones like this! The Monster Hunter: World costume events in Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition will begin on February 27 and conclude on April 12. So clear your calendars if you want to get some of them!

So how exactly do you acquire these special costumes? Well, you'll need some Fight Money to get you started. To be rewarded with an entire special costume, you have to complete a challenge every week for four weeks. Each one of these challenges costs 2,500 Fight Money to attempt. If you fail you can try again, but it'll cost another 2,500 Fight Money. If you're good and lucky enough, you should be able to get the costume for 10,000 FM if you complete all the challenges in one try. Every challenge is of course relegated to a single week, so you have to make sure you complete them in time to get the costume.

The first costume that will be available in Street Fighter V: AE is the Rathalos armor for Ken. Challenge One for him will begin on February 27 (at 8PM PT, ending in seven days at 7PM), Challenge Two on March 8, Challenge 3 on March 15, and Challenge Four on March 22. The second Monster Hunter: World costume that will be up for grabs in Street Fighter V: AE is a Zinogre armor for R. Mika. Her first challenge starts on March 8, second on March 15, third on March 22, and fourth and final starts on March 29. Last will be a Kirin armor for Ibuki. Challenge One begins on March 15, Challenge Two on March 22, Challenge Three on March 29, and Challenge Four on April 5.

As a reminder, it's important that you log in each week to complete the challenges for the costume you'd like to get. You have to complete all four successfully in order to receive the armor set that you want.

Will you be participating?

Source: Capcom-Unity

April Marie
April Marie

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Date: 01/25/2018

01/25/2018 04:55PM


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