BioWare’s Casey Hudson Clarifies Dragon Age Details
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We’ve known for a while that a new Dragon Age is in development at BioWare, which shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone anyway. But recently, Jason Schreier of Kotaku published a report about the state of Anthem. Included in this report was an anecdote that the next Dragon Age would include “live” elements. This of course led to knee-jerk accusations of BioWare turning Dragon Age into a multiplayer game of some sort, the usual “EA is bad,”  and so on and so forth. BioWare’s Casey Hudson took to Twitter to clarify what “live” means, and the answer is a bit more complex.

Hudson, who currently sits as General Manager at BioWare, explained in his tweet that by “live,” BioWare means “designing a game for continued storytelling after the main story.” Otherwise he said the game will be “story & character focused.”

Schreier later elaborated on Twitter, saying that basically means smaller story additions after launch, rather than a few, bulkier expansions. He said the closest comparison he could make is Final Fantasy XV, which despite having a full story out of the box has seen several updates and additions of various size since, and will continue through 2018.

Source: PC GamesN

Lucas White
Lucas White

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Date: 01/25/2018

01/25/2018 05:10PM


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