Nintendo Announces Miitomo Shutdown
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Nintendo’s initial foray into mobile games, Miitomo, was met with anticipation and intrigue when it came out. But interest quickly drained, and Nintendo fans were happy to move on to Super Mario Run, Fire Emblem Heroes, and Animal Crossing Pocket Camp. It seems like that isn’t changing anytime soon, and Nintendo has announced Miitomo will be coming to an end.

Via the official Nintendo website, the publisher/developer is shutting down Miitomo on May 9. This will happen at 12 AM PT in North America. Nintendo has also supplemented this shutdown with an FAQ covering the plan leading to the shutdown.

Starting now, users will no longer be able to purchase Miitomo coins in the game. However, players still sticking around will receive daily login bonuses of coins and tickets until the end. Nintendo of America will not be providing refunds for unspent coins.

It’s a shame to see such a quirky game shut down, but it’s not surprising the numbers aren’t there to justify keeping Miitomo running.

Source: Nintendo

Lucas White
Lucas White

Writing Team Lead
Date: 01/25/2018

01/25/2018 05:25PM


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