Mojang’s Scrolls Shutting Down

Way back in 2015, developer Mojang announced that its not-Minecraft game, Scrolls would be receiving no more new content and shutting down eventually. The shelf date given was July 1, 2016, after which sales of the game would go toward keeping the game live as long as could be justified. Now, it’s finally time for the actual shutdown.

The new, hard shutdown date for Scrolls is February 13, 2018. As of that date the official game client will cease to function. Leading up to that date, Mojang will be running several events to send the game off. The company also plans to release tools that will allow the Scrolls community to continue running game servers themselves if they still want to play sans official support.

On February 9, Mojang staff will be logging onto Scrolls and playing matches with the community for a few hours. More details, including how to join, are available on the game’s subreddit. Right before Scrolls shuts down, on February 11, there will be an official sendoff in the form of a small tournament. There will be no deck restrictions, and more details will be provided closer to the event.

While there’s no release date, Mojang is committed to releasing what’s left of Scrolls to the public. A modified version of the client will be released that is capable of connecting to public servers. While the game won’t be open source, the database will be customizable, so certain parts of the game will allow for tweaking.

Source: Mojang 

Lucas White
Lucas White

Writing Team Lead
Date: 02/07/2018

02/07/2018 06:25PM


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