Final Fantasy XV: Windows Edition Uses Denuvo
Final Fantasy XV

Leading up to the release of Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition, rumors were spreading suggesting that publisher Square Enix would not be using the popular, but controversial piracy-protection software, Denuvo Anti-temper. However, with an update to the game’s Steam page just before the official launch date, it has been confirmed that Denuvo is in fact part of this release.

Denuvo has been a controversial presence in the games industry for years now. While presented as a necessity in order to fight piracy, especially within the initial weeks of a game’s release, the software generally causes problems for paying customers. The software has been accused of causing performance issues, among other problems.

It’s also arguable how effective the software is. A thread on Reset Era on this news suggests that Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition has already been cracked ahead of release, due to an exploit in the game’s demo. So now, the argument is that pirates are able to access the game regardless, and the customers are the ones burdened with extra obstacles.

Source: ResetEra 

Lucas White
Lucas White

Writing Team Lead
Date: 03/02/2018

03/02/2018 01:35PM
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