New Super Mario Odyssey Costumes Revealed via Datamine
Super Mario Odyssey

Dataminers are continuing to reveal all kinds of goodies in games well before their official announcement. Super Mario Odyssey is the latest “victim,” if you want to call it that. A Twitter user by the name of SciresM revealed some things they learned about what's coming to the game, as well as what might have disappeared.

A new hat and suit seems in the works for players based on each of the four Broodals bosses in the game. That includes of course Hariet, Rango, Spewart, and Topper. Here are the detailed descriptions of each of the items:

  • Topper Suit: A cheap knockoff of a fancy, tailored suit. Smells of carrots and broken promises.
  • Topper Hat: A hat that practically demands to be stacked up on top of identical copies of itself and swung dangerously about.
  • Spewart Suit: An outfit that reminds one of school days—of reading, of writing, and of full-body finger painting.
  • Spewart Hat: A hat you should definitely wash thoroughly before wearing, given Spewart's... hobbies.
  • Rango Suit: A humble outfit that does the job effectively, if not glamorously. Or efficiently. Or smartly. Or even not-dumbly.
  • Rango Hat: A near-perfect replica of Rango's hat...except for the awesome saw blades and trampoline capability. Sigh...
  • Hariet Suit: An outwardly lovely gown, the interior structure has rotted away and is holding on by a thread.
  • Hariet Hat: A hat you should not wear until after thoroughly checking it for explosives.

These were all revealed to the dataminer SciresM while they were looking into what the new cosmetic items would be for the game. At the same time that these were discovered, it was also noticed that references to a Link hat or suit have been removed.

Any Broodals fans in the house who are excited by the prospect of representing their favorite villains?

Source: Siliconera

April Marie
April Marie

Contributing Writer
Date: 03/02/2018

03/02/2018 06:55PM


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