Super Seducer Not Coming to PlayStation 4
Super Seducer

Super Seducer, a digital bundle of everything gross and embarrassing about “pick-up artists,” was planned to release on PCs and the PlayStation 4 this week. However, while it launched on the infamously non-curated Steam as planned, the game was quietly missing from the PlayStation Network on launch day. Turns out that’s deliberate.

Motherboard was the first outlet to notice the game’s absence, and reached out to Sony for comment. While not providing any details, Sony did in fact confirm that Super Seducer will no longer be coming to the PlayStation 4. Richard La Ruina, Super Seducer’s “seduction guru,” stated that, “my comment is that I have no comment on this.”

The game’s Steam page is a raging dumpster fire of people arguing with each other, as well as full of people pretty upset the game has been given the tie of day on any major marketplace. Valve has yet to comment on the matter.

Source: Motherboard 

Lucas White
Lucas White

Writing Team Lead
Date: 03/08/2018

03/08/2018 06:20PM


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