Epic Games Continues Suit Against 14-Year-Old

Back in 2017, Fortnite creators Epic Games took a harsh stanch against cheaters, including filing against a 14-year-old boy. After the release of a seething, 17-page document, it would appear that Epic Games has no intention of backing down.

The letter reads as a piece-by-piece rebuttal to a letter the 14-year-old cheater's mother wrote in an effort to get the case dismissed. Every single section breaks down why the mother's arguments are seemingly incorrect (or irrelevant according to the document). What happens next is that the letter will go to a judge, and they will decide whether or not the mother's motion for dismissal will be denied. If this happens, a default ruling could be given, which would lead to Epic Games receiving money from the accused.

At the time of the original filing, Epic Games claimed that they didn't know the cheater was only 14-years-old, but they have continued unabated since discovering that fact. This Fortnite player broke the user agreement by consistently creating new accounts after his previous ones were banned. He also ran a YouTube channel which acted as an informational portal for other would-be Fortnite cheaters.

Sources: Games Industry.biz & Game Rant

April Marie
April Marie

Contributing Writer
Date: 04/27/2018

04/27/2018 01:35PM


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