Destiny Soundtrack Being Released

The original soundtrack for Destiny is finally going to be releasing for fans via official means. Bungie community manager Cozmo responded to a Reddit thread lamenting the removal of unofficial copies of the soundtrack from the web. The comment said that Bungie has plans to release the soundtrack, Music of the Spheres, some time soon. They promised that more details would be announced in the near future.

In an interesting twist of fate, it would appear that one of the original musicians tied to Music of the Spheres had no idea about the official release. Marty O'Donnell commented on the same thread saying, “Really? Were you planning on telling me at some point?” It's entirely possible that he was left out of the news due to some remaining bad blood after he successfully sued Bungie for unpaid wages. Bungie's only response to O'Donnell came in the form of a message from Destiny's game director Christopher Barret, “Some hope for the future, some wait for the call.”

Putting aside the controversy related to Music of the Spheres, it's still fantastic news that it will be seeing the light of day officially. All that's left to do now is wait for Bungie's official word on when and where it will be accessible.

Source: Polygon

April Marie
April Marie

Contributing Writer
Date: 04/30/2018

04/30/2018 02:40PM


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