Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery Has Microtransaction Woes
Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery

The Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery mobile game was supposed to be a high point for the newest phase of the franchise's life, but instead it's been a dark mark. The energy system, and the accompanying microtransactions, have spoiled the fun for many a player. Some are even citing concerns that it's preying on children who will buy into it without fully understanding it.

One of the biggest examples players are using of Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery's seemingly flawed systems is the Devil's Snare event. As you can well imagine, your character becomes entrapped by the dastardly plant, and you have to click on prompts to escape. What is unexpected is you can go into this event with a full bar of energy, and still not have enough to complete it. This seems incredibly unfair and flawed, and has almost certainly led to many paying for energy in order to free their virtual self from their torment.

Creator Jam City has not acknowledged fan's outrage in any way so far. The subreddit devoted to Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery has almost entirely been taken up by posts related to the energy and gem systems. So it stands to reason that the developers will make some sort of public statement soon. Many hope that big changes will be made in order to make the game the enjoyable experience it should be.

Source: IGN

April Marie
April Marie

Contributing Writer
Date: 05/02/2018

05/02/2018 01:35PM


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