Twitch Testing Bounty Board Feature
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Twitch is testing out a new idea, currently in beta form, called the Bounty Board. This initiative is meant to eliminate marketing companies from the conversation between streamers and game publishers, and bring sponsored streams in-house.

Not only does this make Twitch more accountable for FTC-friendly disclosures, but it also potentially brings more money to Twitch as it becomes the middle-man between streamers and publishers. However, being in beta, it isn’t clear how much of the money involved goes to Twitch.

The Bounty Board beta is currently invite-only and restricted to partnered streamers in the US. Some of the bounties are even paid out by Twitch itself right now as the company figures out the system.

Right now, the bounties are for one-hour streams, include a game key for the bounty in question, and have rules in place such as “don’t disparage the brand.” There are also due dates, disclosure requirements, so on and so forth.

Source: Gamasutra 

Lucas White
Lucas White

Writing Team Lead
Date: 05/07/2018

05/07/2018 06:35PM


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