Boss Key Productions Closes Down
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Boss Key Productions, the developer behind LawBreakers and Radical Heights, is shutting down. This news was announced via a statement on Twitter from studio head Cliff Bleszinski.

In the statement, Bleszinski said Boss Key Productions is “effectively no more,” likely meaning there are some people hanging around in some capacity, likely keeping some game servers up and running for the immediate future (Bleszinski specifically said Radical Heights is staying up for now). The unfortunately truth of the matter is that LawBreakers didn’t command the audience needed to keep the company in business, and Radical Heights was a late effort that was too little, too late.

The story of Boss Key has been turbulent, with most headlines being about low LawBreakers engagement numbers, mixed in with Beszinski’s infamous public persona and discussions about the company following trends a step or two behind. It’s hard to tell if the popularity of those stories had any effect overall on the games, but the downfall of the studio was very public as a result.

Source: Twitter 

Lucas White
Lucas White

Writing Team Lead
Date: 05/15/2018

05/15/2018 01:15PM


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