Second Chrono Trigger Update Launches
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The team at Square Enix in charge of the new PC version of Chrono Trigger is still hard at work to repair a disastrous situation. A series of updates was announced to address what was one of the most aggressively denounced port launches in modern history, and the second of those updates has been released.

The first update introduced an option to swap most of the game’s visuals back to those of the original, dumping a lot of filtering and other techniques that frankly, made the game look awful. The new update addresses much of Chrono Trigger’s UI, removing much of the mobile-like buttons and text and making it all, again, look more like the original game.

In addition to the UI adjustments, the devs also addressed issues with the cutscenes, which original came from the PlayStation port of Chrono Trigger. Both the resolution of the scenes have been increased, along with the display area. A pause function has also been added to battle, and some small bugs were fixed.

In the announcement for this patch, the developers also stated a plan for the next update to come sometime in June.

Source: Steam 

Lucas White
Lucas White

Writing Team Lead
Date: 05/17/2018

05/17/2018 04:45PM


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