Wreck-It Ralph is in Kingdom Hearts III
Kingdom Hearts III

Yesterday, for the first time, Kingdom Hearts III was available in a playable form. At event in Santa Monica on May 17, 2018, it appeared, and the hands-on reports are all over the place. There are a few pieces of information worth extracting from the event. While the two payable settings aren’t really news, one of the summons included in the demo is someone we haven’t seen yet.

Of course, I’m talking about Wreck-It Ralph, one of Disney’s more recent characters-slash-IP that has premiered in the time between the latest Kingdom Hearts releases. Ralph is a summon in the game, and presumably that means we’ll be running into him at some point during the story as well. As a summon, he materializes out of an 8-bit arcade game screen, then makes explosive blocks appear around the area.

While Wreck-It Ralph was the debut at the event, much of the occasion was about playing the game, which saw pieces from both the Hercules and Toy Story worlds. In addition to all that, director Tetsuya Normura also said the release date will be announced in June 2018, probably during the Square Enix E3 presentation.

Source: Venture Beat 

Lucas White
Lucas White

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Date: 05/18/2018

05/18/2018 09:10AM


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