Battlefield V Teaser Trailer Released
Battlefield V

The full reveal of Battlefield V is coming later this week, but the teasing from official sources is coming at full force. The official Twitter account for Battlefield V has been dropping hints since late last week, but started May 21, 2018 off with a true reveal in the form of a teaser trailer.

The teaser trailer is very much that – a tease. We see what looks like a mock HUD for a multiplayer game, but are staring right into the eyes of a soldier as he shushes the audience/player and the screen goes dark. Towards the top of the HUD, we can see icons used for the two sides of the battle, which look very much like WWII-era iconography. But is Battlefield V truly a WWII game?

Tweets leading up to the teaser trailer almost seem to conflict with that conclusion. They claim the setting is new, and that “every fight Is different and brought to life across unexpected theaters of war.” They also state that the War Stories mode is coming back, and that these also see a “new setting.”

Could this be a multi-era Battlefield game? Reading comprehension says maybe, but social media marketing speak isn’t always the most straightforward and honest.

Source: Twitter 

Lucas White
Lucas White

Writing Team Lead
Date: 05/21/2018

05/21/2018 04:45PM


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