Fortnite's Jetpacks Are Temporary

It looks like the information revealed yesterday by dataminers was accurate. Fortnite’s newest update does, indeed, feature jetpacks. Released May 22, 2018, the update also adds a few other elements to the popular battle royale game.

It is looking like the jetpacks are very easy to use. All players need to do is jump and then, once in the air, press jump again to fly around the arena. The jetpacks will also have charges that replenish with time.

The update also adds something called Close Encounters, which is another limited time mode. This appears to be designed primarily around the use of jetpacks and close range aerial combat; all weapons except shotguns have been removed from the maps. If this doesn’t appeal to you, though, have no worries. Jetpacks will also be available in the game’s other modes which is especially good considering that Close Encounters won’t be released until a little after the patch goes live.

Epic says that the jetpacks aren’t going to be a permanent addition to Fortnite, relegating them to an extremely fun plaything for players to use before it disappears, much like the Infinity Gauntlet from the Thanos event. Hopefully, it’ll cycle back in regularly.

Source: Polygon

Benjamin Maltbie
Benjamin Maltbie

Contributing Writer
Date: 05/22/2018

05/22/2018 03:45PM


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