Kids on YouTube Stealing Parent's Money for Fortnite V-Bucks

If I told you that kids on YouTube are making obnoxious videos about Fortnite, a game densely populated with kids, wherein they smile and steal money from their parent’s bank account in order to purchase in-game currency, would you believe me? Of course you would.

In fact, it’s hardly surprising. I’m not saying it isn’t annoying or upsetting, because it is certainly that, but in the age of Logan Paul, loud, inconsiderate videos that highlight careless spending of money are an inevitability. Cecilia D’Anastasio, over at Kotaku, was able to find dozens of videos of children doing just that and pointed out that many of these videos use the term “Kid” instead of “I.” As in, “Kid spends….” Instead of “I spend…,” because it’s more likely to go viral. One such video is called “Kid Spends $500 on FORTNITE with Mom’s Credit Card…[MUST WATCH]" and, well, I just hope that Mom was in on the joke.

That is the case in some of these videos, as reported by Kotaku. Sometimes, the parents are in on the joke and the “theft” is nothing but a calculated risk to gain YouTube exposure for their kid. Okay, fine. That’s fair. But if other kids are jumping on board the trend then I just hope that nobody gets in any real trouble. You can’t pay bills in V-Bucks.

Source: Kotaku

Benjamin Maltbie
Benjamin Maltbie

Contributing Writer
Date: 05/25/2018

05/25/2018 01:05PM


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