Guitar Hero Live Modes Dying Soon
Guitar Hero Live

It’s possible that you missed out on Activision’s attempt to recapture the rhythm game craze from years past. The game was called Guitar Hero Live. If that’s the case, then this isn’t bad news for you but fans of the game might be sad to hear that the game’s GHTV mode will be discontinued.

This mode functioned sort of like a radio broadcast or music television where the playable music tracks would appear over a rotation of live songs or music videos. It was a unique take but it didn’t really catch on. Console players will, at least, continue to be able to play the game’s main mode, Guitar Hero live. Games on iOS, however, won’t be so lucky.

The ability to download the game as well as purchase in-game currency has disappeared. Players have until December 1 to use their currency at which point service will be discontinued. They may be able to play the game longer but it isn’t clear if the game will work with future iOS updates. It’s the sad reality of online games, and it’s unfortunate that the game may not be preserved.

Benjamin Maltbie
Benjamin Maltbie

Contributing Writer
Date: 06/04/2018

06/04/2018 11:05AM


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