Devil May Cry 5 Domain Registered
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Devil May Cry 5 has been spinning around in the rumor mill all year now, and the hints just keep coming. It was recently discovered that a website domain name for Devil May Cry 5 has been registered. Not only that, but of course the Internet gaming community dug in for more, and have all but determined for real that this registration is legit.

The domain was registered quite recently, on May 18. It was registered by GMO Internet, Inc, which is a Japanese company. Now, that doesn’t necessarily mean anything, unless you go back and look at previous Capcom website acquisitions. And of course that happened, and GMO was also the registrar for website domains for Resident Evil 7, Monster Hunter: World, and even Resident Evil 2.

Obviously, there’s a partnership here, and Capcom is soon to announce Devil May Cry 5. And there just so happens to be an event coming up at which game announcements happen. We might even see something on Resident Evil 2 Remake as well, as the activity there has been nearly as recent.

Source: Reset Era 

Lucas White
Lucas White

Writing Team Lead
Date: 06/04/2018

06/04/2018 01:35PM


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