Nintendo Switch eShop Updated to Boost Discovery
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As the Nintendo Switch has become a key destination for smaller games, one of the major concerns has been discoverability. Marketplaces such as the PlayStation Store and Steam have become almost black holes for content, as so many frequent releases combined with poor organization and discoverability tools leave many releases unnoticed. Nintendo seems to want to prevent this, as a recent update has made some changes to the eShop to move things a step forward in terms of organization and game visibility.

The first change is minor: the “Deals” section has been changed to “Great Deals.” That probably makes the section more enticing in theory. Next, a new “Featured” section has been added. This section displays a mix of 30 popular, new, and upcoming games. This exists in tandem with the “Best Sellers” and “Coming Soon” sections. Finally, “Best Sellers” now has two tabs, one being “All Games” and the other “Download-Only Games.”

This update has actually come after a recent firmware update, which is interesting. The changes as a whole are minor, although they represent a sign of further changes and plans for the eShop. This also includes an increased presence of the eShop in Nintendo’s marketing plans, such as mentions on the company’s various social media channels.

Source: IGN 

Lucas White
Lucas White

Writing Team Lead
Date: 06/05/2018

06/05/2018 12:20PM


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