Third Season of Netflix' Castlevania Revealed

Netflix releasing a series based on Castlevania was a surprise, but when it was first announced, anticipation built. All in all, the first season was solid, with the lore of Castlevania mixed with the tone of Dark Souls. Now, we know a third season will be on its way.

The voice actor for Trevor Belmont, a character from both the games and show, has stated that “We’re about to record a third [season.]” Considering that the second season hasn’t even aired yet, it would seem as though Netflix is already confident about the show’s potential.

The second season is on the horizon, set to air this summer, and will be eight episodes long. That is double the length of the first season. There aren’t any such details present for the third season but it seems reasonable to expect 8 again as the first four seemed like Netflix simply gauging interest.

Source: Gematsu

Benjamin Maltbie
Benjamin Maltbie

Contributing Writer
Date: 06/08/2018

06/08/2018 03:00PM


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