Marvel’s Spider-Man Character Revealed by Voice Actor

Whoops! Looks like Rhino’s voice actor accidentally spilled some beans that weren’t ready to be served yet. Chris Jai Alex, who plays Rhino in Marvel’s Spider-Man, let slip in an interview that Doctor Octopus is also in the game, despite not being revealed in Insomniac’s villain-centric E3 2018 video package.

This information came from an interview with Drift0r, an online personality focused largely on Call of Duty. Alex also has a role in the upcoming Black Ops 4, and the interview was primarily about that, but of course the conversation took a detour and made some PR people likely pretty unhappy.

A clip of the slip has been preserved on YouTube by third parties, and it really is a slip. Alex is talking about the scale of the characters in the game, and just sort of absentmindedly starts with Doctor Octopus and keeps going without even realizing what he said. Fortunately for him, voice actors aren’t really beholden to the same kind of rules other people involved with games are. That’s why you often get wind of projects and character stuff from actors’ Linkedin profiles sometimes. Especially with the recent aftermath of the voice actor strike, there’s a lot more leniency there, although they generally do their best to play ball with the marketing folks.

Source: Screen Rant 

Lucas White
Lucas White

Writing Team Lead
Date: 06/25/2018

06/25/2018 04:55PM


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