Kingdom Come: Deliverance Receives New Hardcore Mode
Kingdom Come: Deliverance

The sometimes controversial, medieval power fantasy Kingdom Come: Deliverance is a game meant to ground the player in a realistic version of the Kingdom of Bohemia in the early 15th century. Even conversations have an element of realism to them, being that response time is a factor in how they play out. Now, the game is adding a new “Hardcore Mode” in its latest patch. Could that be meant to make things more realistic too?

It turns out that, yes, that is the intent. To figure out compass directions, players will have to use the direction of the sun and the time of day. Fast travel will not be present. Sleeping is better for healing than eating, and combat “is more realistic in Hardcore Mode.” You see? I knew exactly what to expect when I read the words “Hardcore” and “Mode.” Realism.

The update is currently available and is free. When you really look at it, the mode just strips the game of a lot of the quality of life comforts that have become standard but if you’re up for the increased challenge of survival for bragging rights or an adrenaline rush, then I wish you luck; it really does sound excruciating.

Source: Steam

Benjamin Maltbie
Benjamin Maltbie

Contributing Writer
Date: 06/27/2018

06/27/2018 11:30AM


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