Five Nights at Freddy's Ultimate Custom Night Is Out Now

Remember Five Nights at Freddy’s? It was that series of strange, but effective horror games that takes place in what is essentially a terrifying version of Chuck E. Cheese. Well, as of yesterday, there is a new entry in the series available for purchase called Ultimate Custom Night.

The game seems to be the ultimate answer to one of the series’ main problems. The games have typically been short and haven’t had much variety, so once they were beaten a couple times, there wasn’t much reason to play them. But this game takes parts from seven different games from the franchise and allows players to customize their experience. It’s a good way to increase the replay value.

The game also adds new challenges, tools, and unlockables so it isn’t simply a collection of old assets. In a way, this feels like the most logical step the series could take without compromising what fans love about the experience. As of posting, the game has received an “overwhelming positive”response based on 1,098 reviews on Steam. Oh, and it’s free. So why not see if you can survive a few nights at Freddy’s?

Benjamin Maltbie
Benjamin Maltbie

Contributing Writer
Date: 06/28/2018

06/28/2018 12:20PM


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