Rumor: Google Planning to Enter Gaming Market
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Kotaku’s Jason Schreier has released a report saying multiple sources have corroborated on tech giant Google having plans to enter the gaming market. According to the report, five people who contributed to the story have either been personally briefed or heard about Google’s plans secondhand. Google has been toying with video game stuff for several years now, but the latest effort seems serious. It’s a three-pronged approach to the industry, one that could have a serious impact on the industry at large.

The first two “prongs” refer to what Google is working on in terms of content delivery. Apparently, the company is looking into both streaming and hardware, with the two potentially intersecting in some way. It’s not clear if Google’s gaming hardware is meant to compete directly with Sony and Microsoft, or if it will be leveraging the streaming to offset cheaper tech in the box.

Finally, and perhaps most notably, Google has been meeting with game developers a lot. Meetings have happened at GDC 2018 and E3 2018, for example, and the buzz is growing. The word is that Google isn’t just looking to get partners on board with the project (called Yeti at the moment), but to make actual acquisitions and bring several developers under the Google umbrella.

Google has a reputation for starting and abandoning ideas like this, and other tech companies trying to break into gaming haven’t exactly broken ground (Amazon has famously struggled). But if this does come to fruition, it will be interesting to see what Google can bring to the table, and how much it will be able to leverage the systems it already has in place.

Source: Kotaku 

Lucas White
Lucas White

Writing Team Lead
Date: 06/29/2018

06/29/2018 10:40AM
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