Microsoft Wants to Fight Cheating with Artificial Intelligence
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Published by the US Patent and Trademark Office, a patent application filed by Microsoft surfaced this week related to a new method of cheat detection in games. Microsoft believes it can leverage technology outside of a game to detect cheating, since current platforms like Xbox Live aren’t capable of doing so in their current forms. To this end, Microsoft is working with artificial intelligence.

As stated in the patent, platforms that host games aren’t necessarily equipped to handle cheating, and they can even reward cheaters through automatic systems, such as achievements. Through artificial intelligence, player activity can be tracked externally, which would allow for more accurate analysis and detection of abnormal behavior. Of course, AI also would lighten the workload of analyzing the sheer volume of data, which would be difficult to do manually.

The approach would include three modules: goals management, cheating detection, and enforcement. The cheating detection module would use machine learning techniques, which would adapt based on the goals module to learn cheating behavior. Then of course that data flows into the enforcement module to dole out things like warnings, bans, and suspensions.

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Lucas White
Lucas White

Writing Team Lead
Date: 07/02/2018

07/02/2018 12:30PM
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