Shenmue 3 File Size Is Shamu-sized
Shenmue 3

You’ve probably heard about the upcoming game, Shenmue 3, because fans of the series practically worship the first two games. What has me really curious, however, is how big of a game will this be? We have an answer!

An update on the official Kickstarter for the game says that gamers will need 100 GB of free space on their PC. That is almost unheard of, even for open world games. One of the few, more recent PC games to require that much space was Final Fantasy XV: Windows Edition, which also asked for 100GB at lower resolutions and 150GB at 4K.

Shenmue III has already been delayed twice and will be out, hopefully, in 2019. HD ports of the original games are also in the works and those might actually be out in 2018. The extra time on Shenmue III might also give gamers time to make sure they have at least 4 GB of ram, a GTX 650 Ti, and an Intel Core i5-4460.

As far as PC’s go, those requirements really aren’t that bad.

Source: IGN

Benjamin Maltbie
Benjamin Maltbie

Contributing Writer
Date: 07/02/2018

07/02/2018 06:30PM


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