A Comic Might Lead People to God of War's Final Easter Egg
God of War

Easter egg hunting, an attempt to uncover all the secrets and references in a piece of media, is a decades’ old tradition in gaming. Sometimes, the secrets can go uncovered for years. Right now, there is only one Easter egg left to be uncovered in the newest God of War, and the recently released prequel comic might just help players find it.

At the 2018 San Diego Comic Con, a comic strip called “The Hunt” was revealed. A panel of team members informed the crowd that this comic was one of the first things created, prior to God of War's development. Joe Kennedy, the game’s Senior Concept Artist, later tweeted that this comic was a clue for secret hunters. At the panel, Cory Barlog, the game’s creative director, said that the answer had something to do with Kratos' home.

Obviously, this reignited the Easter egg hunt, and fans of the game across Reddit and Twitter are putting their heads together to see what they can uncover. So far, they haven’t figured it out, so there is still time to join in, if you want. In fact, the hunt may go on for years, because that’s how these things sometimes go.

Source: Games Radar

Benjamin Maltbie
Benjamin Maltbie

Writing Team Lead
Date: 07/23/2018

07/23/2018 02:10PM
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