Monster Hunter: World PC Replaces Squads with Steam Groups
Monster Hunter: World

A report from Destructoid has come out that details one noticeable change between the original console versions of Capcom’s Monster Hunter: World and the new PC version. It has to do with how the gathering hub works. This, in turn, impactsthe in-game squad system.

Monster Hunter: World is integrated with Steam on PCs, which directly applies Steam’s groups feature to the game. When you enter the gathering hub, you’ll even see the little icon of your primary Steam group appear next to your name. You can even change what group to point to, which will in turn change the little icon, adding an extra degree of personalization to the game.

Unfortunately, there’s no option within Monster Hunter: World to actually look at who is online within your groups. You have to click on an option to “View Steam Group Information,” which then opens up the Steam browser. Not the best option if you’re using a controller, or other non-standard PC setup.

As a result of this, the NPC who used to help manage squads has been demoted to “Event Manager,” and now she doesn’t really do anything.

Source: Destructoid 

Lucas White
Lucas White

Writing Team Lead
Date: 07/31/2018

07/31/2018 01:35PM


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