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PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds

Something fans of PUBG have been clamoring for almost as long as the game has existed is some kind of practice mode that would let players hone their skills without the pressure of the normal PUBG play loop. As part of PUBG Corps’ “Fix PUBG” initiative, a new training mode has been announced for the game. The new mode will allow a group of 5-20 players in a single instance to work on their skills in various areas without the pressure of competition.

While the biggest feature of training mode is a set of shooting ranges, the 2x2 km map will also feature chances to practice parachutes, parkour, CQC, vehicles, and other aspects of the full PUBG tool kit. In speaking to IGN, a representative of PUBG Corp also stated that the training mode map is “living,” and that changes and addition could definitely happen based on player feedback.

The training mode is coming in September 2018, but there’s no word on if it’s just for the PC version at first or if it will also hit the Xbox One and/or mobile versions around the same time.

Source: IGN 

Lucas White
Lucas White

Writing Team Lead
Date: 08/23/2018

08/23/2018 01:40PM


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