Loot Boxes Removed from Several Games Due to Belgian Law
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Earlier in the year, the Belgian government body in charge of media matters threatened fines of thousands of euros, and even prison sentences, because of loot boxes. It took a while, but now several publishers have removed loot boxes or the ability to pay for loot boxes from big games in that region.

The involved games include Blizzard’s Overwatch and Heroes of the Storm, 2K’s NBA 2K18 and 2K19, and Valve’s CS:GO. All of these games have loot boxes with the ability to pay money for them, as well as with (much more) in-game currency. The loot boxes are still intact in the games, but Belgian players won’t be able to pay for them anymore.

In each case, the companies involved released statements strongly disagreeing with the situation, but hands are obviously tied. It remains to be seen if other companies will be following with similar changes, but considering how long it takes for large companies to make big changes, the rollout will likely be pretty gradual.

Source: Eurogamer

Lucas White
Lucas White

Writing Team Lead
Date: 08/28/2018

08/28/2018 02:40PM


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