PEGI Adds In-Game Purchase Descriptor
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PEGI, the UK ratings body for video games, announced that it’s introducing a new descriptor image for its rating licenses. This icon, which will be applied to physical box art in addition to the usual rating information, will indicate if a game has in-game purchases. PEGI already labeled games as such in the ratings information for digital games, but going forward physical releases will now sport this image on box art as well.

To support this decision, PEGI cites some interesting stats from an Ipsos-run consumer study. According to the study, two in five parents said their children spend money on in-game purchases. Eight in ten of those parents said they have some sort of system worked out with their kids. Those systems are indicated as things like asking for permission, weekly or monthly limits, parental control tools, monitoring bills, or using pre-paid cards.

In its statement, PEGI states that it believes it’s important to keep parents informed as in-game purchases are clearly a big part of games now. The organization wants to promote discussions between parents and kids about gaming habits, especially with something like money spending.

The label will start to appear later in 2018.

Source: PEGI 

Lucas White
Lucas White

Writing Team Lead
Date: 08/30/2018

08/30/2018 02:40PM


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