Nintendo Takes Down Pokemon Fangame Tool
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Nintendo is continuing its reign of terror of sorts in the outskirts of the gaming community. The company was in the news most recently for causing great upheaval in the emulation scene, shutting down a few websites legally and causing others to remove ROMs in fear of the same. But Nintendo is also known for being aggressive with fan software development, and today’s case is no different. This time, a popular tool that was being used to create fangames based on the Pokemon series was the target.

The tool is called Pokemon Essentials, which has been a popular way for amateur game developers to pay homage to their favorite monster battling series since 2007. People liked Essentials because it was easy to use, including drag and drop functionality for items such as tiles, sprites, music, and more. It was also open to the community, which often publicly shared creations from users.

Millions of fans have downloaded games made with this tool, including the popular Pokemon Uranium. The dedicated community maintained an in-depth wiki, that made using it that much easier. The Wiki, which was hosted by Fandom, was taken down after a DMCA notice from Nintendo.

Now users and other folks who have been associated with Pokemon Essentials are trying to go quiet or maintain low online profiles, in fear of further legal action.

Source: The Verge 

Lucas White
Lucas White

Writing Team Lead
Date: 08/30/2018

08/30/2018 03:00PM


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